Crown CTs3000

Crown CTs3000
Crown CTs3000
Производитель: CROWN
Модель: CTs3000
LOT (лот): M2-8474
Расположение: Европа
Состояние: б/у
Дата размещения: 30/10/2018
59 827 ₽
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The Crown CTs-3000 is a 2-Channel power amplifier housed in a 2U rackmount frame, offering power levels and features meant to serve fixed installation sound applications. This amplifier is notable for a completely independent array of switches and indicators for each channel, including high and low impedance operation, input sensitivity, high pass filters, and an advanced level of well designed overload protection circuitry.

These CTs3000's are from a new-build installation but never used due to a change in building specification and therefore in mint condition - this is great news for you as we can now supply these at below distributor price while stocks last!


- 2 x 1500W @ 4ohms, 2 x 1250W @ 8ohms & 3000W @ 8ohms (Mono)
- High-power, 2-channel, 2U rackmount amplifier for installed sound applications
- Switching power supply lowers overall amplifier weight
- Direct 70V/100V/140V/200V constant-voltage or 2/4/8 Ohm low-impedance operation
- Independently selectable Input Sensitivity switching per channel
- Rear panel Programmable Input Processor(PIP2) connector accepts accessory expansion modules for specific custom installation requirements
- Thermal Level Control(TLC) circuitry protects amplifier from overheating; engages input compressor, dynamically reducing input gain when individual channels overheat
- Junction Temperature Simulation(JTS) quick-activation circuitry limits drive level of output devices to tolerable range if excess power is required; protects output transistors without shutting down channel
- Continuously variable fan cooling; venting with front-to-rear forced airflow
- Removable balanced terminal block input connectors with "Y" switch
- Switchable high pass filter per channel, eliminates step down transformer saturation in distributed systems
- Complete array of front panel function and warning indicator LED's for each channel
- Complete array of rear panel function and filter switches
- Power on indicator flashes when AC mains are under or over voltage
- Advanced protection circuitry covers shorted outputs, DC, mismatched loads, overheating, high frequency overloads, voltage fluctuation and internal faults.


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