AVID VENUE D-Show System

AVID VENUE D-Show System
Производитель: Avid
Модель: VENUE D-Show System
LOT (лот): M5-8611
Расположение: Европа
Состояние: б/у
Дата размещения: 30/10/2018
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This is the highest spec Digidesign package money can buy. Surface: The result of several years of design and ergonomic refinement by the engineers at Avid, the flagship D-Show live sound console was developed with input from the world’s leading mix engineers in touring sound, theatre, houses of worship, and fixed installations to provide superior ease of operation, flexibility, and reliability. The D-Show is fully expandable, easy to use, and provides complete creative control of even the largest audio productions from one centrally located mixing position. Sidecar: The D-Show Sidecar adds an additional 16 input faders and associated control to an existing D-Show Main Unit. You can use up to three D-Show Sidecars with a single D-Show Main Unit, giving you access to up to 56 faders from a single bank on the console.

You can physically attach the D-Show Sidecars to either side of the D-Show Main Unit to create one complete console, or employ them as physically detached but connected floating units, giving you greater flexibility in your setup (connection is made via a simple 110 Ohm 3-pin XLR cable). Stage Rack: Durable 10-space steel rack houses a maximum of 48 inputs and 48 outputs Base configuration comes standard with 48 analogue XLR mic/line inputs (maximum capacity) and 8 analogue XLR line outputs (expandable to 48 with optional output cards) Up to two Stage Racks can be connected to an FOH Rack for a total I/O count of 96 mic/line inputs and outputs High-quality remote connection from the Stage Rack to an FOH Rack via dual redundant 75 Ohm BNC digital snakes (not included) delivers maximum audio fidelity Supports optional analogue, digital, and A-Net output cards, which offer additional 8-channel output expansion (up to 48 total outputs) Customize the I/O with any number and combination of analogue and/or digital inputs, analogue and/or digital outputs, and A-Net outputs—up to 48 total inputs and outputs in a single rack Comes standard with dual redundant, field-replaceable power supplies FOH Rack: Durable 10-space steel rack houses local I/O, computer control (Windows XP platform), and processing cards.

Includes VENUE software, the industry’s easiest yet most comprehensive control software Supports up to five DSP Mix Engine cards (comes standard with three), allowing up to 128 processing channels to be mixed on a D-Show or Profile System, with ample headroom for plug-in processing Dedicated analogue and digital 2-track connections, intercom and talkback facilities, and outputs for near-field speaker monitoring ECx card for remote control of the system via a wired or wireless laptop or computer Supports optional cards for additional analogue and digital I/O, Pro Tools integration, Stage Rack expansion, and more Comes standard with dual redundant, field-replaceable power supplies.

Package includes: 1 x D-Show Main surface 1 x D-Show sidecar 1 x D-Show Main flightcase 1 x D-Show sidecar flightcase 1 x 48 channel Stage rack with 8 line outs 1 x Stage rack flightcase 1 x FOH rack with 3 x DSP Mix engine cards 1 x FOH rack flightcase 1 x Venuepack Pro plug ins 1 x Ilok intelligent USB key 1 x FOH link cable 1 x 15' console link cable 1 x ECx Ethernet card 1 x 17 LCD monitor

Designed to handle even the largest live productions with ease, the D-Show System offers studio-quality sound, powerful performance and the most scalability in the Avid live sound line. The system is based around the large-format D-Show console and employs the FOH Rack and Stage Rack components for processing and I/O.


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